A development from the PhiloMedica.Online project. Many thanks to past PhiloMedica Scholar Zahari Richter for guiding me to Alan Turing and supersentience. I am a Marxist and as an artist I support the Paris Commune of 1870-1. My name is Ariel Riveros and I live in Sydney Australia. I am a poet and author. A current survivor-consumer science generator. Further thanks for conversations on physics as heuristic go to Dr Frederick Green at University of New South Wales and just down the road from me. As well big ups to Dr Vincenzo di Nicola for his heuristic in Badouisian infused non diagnostic, non trauma based help for those who suffer a mental condition or as we like to say, a predicament qua event.

oh and a slew of greetings to all my francophiles and Ken Wark. Catherine Malabou sipping a milkshake with someone else at Surfer’s Paradise. Sean Smith and Xio Martin for being fantastic. Flea and Stephen N Johnstone I hope you see me. And my dear thief-of-fire, I stole 3 words and that’s under 10% for research purposes. Western Prometheanism and I really don’t mind Irish Nationalism and Atlantis. May you never curve back as I so fervently dream you may.